The Award-Winning FlexiQuot® Labels


The first product innovation in over 15 years in the cryostorage field of course deserves best-in-class supporting products, thus we are offering an innovative label for our innovative tube. The FlexiQuot® label has already attracted a lot of attention in the field: Winner of the 35th FINAT Innovation Award Europe, and nominee for the FINAT Global Label Award, the  labels have mastered the challenges put on them during development: The materials and adhesive withstand temperatures of up to minus 196° over years, the form and die-cut show high-quality craftsmanship in compliance with the smallest possible tolerances and the usability is well thought through for ease in application.


LabelsThe labels are packed in the form of a roll. Each label consists of five pieces, one for each aliquot, and is placed on three parallel paper strips which make proper application of the label incredibly easy. The user can either print on them using a thermal printer, or write on them with a marker. There is a selection between blank and printed labels and the option of custom made labels, including with printed QR code.


LabelsIf the user would like to print on the labels, the EOS series printers by cab is an excellent solution. Excellent quality, easy to use and with a free software that can create fully customized FlexiQuot® labels according to the customer’s needs: 1-D barcode, 2-D barcode, text or anything else. FlexiQuot® Labels have been tested with the cab EOS printers and the result is excellent. 1CryoBio can offer this solution to customers who prefer to avoid writing by hand.


The labels were designed and produced in collaboration with TOVENCA AG, who specialise in development, production and marketing of self-adhesive products, printed products and die-cut products in standard and special designs for over 30 years. All manufacturing processes take place in clean room environments and meet the highest quality standards. Even the international standards are exceeded here. Tovenca’s products are mainly used by clients for whom quality, safety, reliability, and aesthetics are of utmost importance. It is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


With the assistance of Tovenca and their guaranteed experience, 1CryoBio offers fully customized labels for any other kinds of cryopreservation products in general (cryotubes, cryoboxes, racks etc). The labels can have any design, color, shape and dimensions, according to the customer’s wish and needs. Please contact us for more information.