The Innovative Dividable Cryotube


You are aliquoting hundreds, or even thousands, of samples for cryostorage.

If you are storing samples in multiple smaller tubes, the pipetting and labelling is a lengthy work task with potential errors.
if you are storing samples in larger tubes you cannot avoid multiple thaw-freeze cycles, which have an undoubtable negative impact on the quality and stability of the samples and consecutively on your results.

FlexiQuot® dividable cryotubes help you optimize frozen sample storage: With its ability to hold multiple aliquots in one vial, you can break off what you need and leave the rest in the freezer – so break free from pipetting samples into multiple vials and enjoy the FlexiQuot® advantages:

    • Flexibility and speed
    • 5 aliquots but just 1 tube

      • No errors
      • Filled and labelled with one movement

        • Better use of freezer storage
        • Up to 20% space savings

          • Steady sample quality
          • By avoiding freeze – thaw cycles

            • Ideal sample tracking
            • Labels on each aliquot

              • Low contamination risk
              • No contact with the sample

First dividable cryotube worldwide and first really new product in cryopreservation in more than 15 years


Production & Quality:
FlexiQuot® tubes are produced by top Swiss manufacturer, GEMÜ Switzerland, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The tubes are ETO sterilised, the process is validated according to ISO 11137.

The tubes are intended for single use only.