FlexiQuot was only the beginning! But we wanted to go beyond.

The idea was to incorporate the principle of multiple aliquots in one tube into a much broader process; sample cryopreservation anyway is the last part of a sequence of steps and processes involving several steps and disposable material. If the final sample is plasma, then it is about blood drawing, centrifuging, pipetting, plasma mixing, separating into aliquots, storing in the freezer.

It would be revolutionary if a tube existed that could be used from blood collection to plasma cryopreservation. This tube is currently developed by a European consortium led by 1CryoBio and is called ICENESS! The ICENESS project is partly funded by Eurostars, an EU funding scheme for starups and SME’s


The goal is to replace existing vacuum blood collection tube and allow direct separation of blood cells from plasma to keep the cells for direct analysis and the plasma for cryostorage.

ICENESS consists of three basic parts: blood drawing, plasma separation and plasma storage, all in one tube! But it is more than just a tube. Featuring advanced technology in identification and with functional accessories, it is going to be a unique storage system embedded into the customer’s system, substituting materials and procedures, from blood sampling to plasma cryopreservation.


We will be very happy to talk to you about this exciting project! You can contact us directly via mail or phone.