The need

Biomarker research has progressed significantly in the later years and the research opportunities continuously increases and the platform technologies keeps improving. Consequently flexible use and storage of biomaterial at a cost effective way is needed.

In detail:
• The continuous advances in biomarker research make it impossible for scientists to predict upfront how biological sample material can be fully utilized when the material is collected and stored initially
• New and improved technologies for biomarker analysis, new biomarkers identified and new use of existing biomarkers, may result in new future research opportunities
• In order to make optimal use of their limited and valuable sample material scientists needs storage tools that easily allow for flexibility, so that new and future research opportunities can be pursued
• When using standard 1 ml tubes cumbersome and time consuming work procedures are required as well as the need for a larger amount of individual vessels which also requires more storage space
• When using standard 5 ml tubes biological sample material deteriorates from thawing and re-freezing making flexibility in research design impossible
• A storage vessel that combines the flexibility of the 1 ml cryo tube with the cost effectiveness of the 5 ml cryotube is consequently much needed

No cryotubes available today offer both such flexibility and cost effectiveness. FlexiQuot provides this exact combination and is the first product defining the next generation in cryotubes for biomarker research:

– the unused sample material is not thawed but kept frozen and intact
– saves preparation time and subsequently labor costs
– saves freezer space and subsequently electricity costs